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No Man's Band was formed during the summer of 2009 when Howard & Mo were having a pint outside the British Oak.  Howard was singing with the Urbane Gorillas but wanted to do more songs outside the blues genre.    Obvious choices for guitar and drums were John and Graham from the Flying Bricks so they all got together and discussed who else to invite.  It was decided that keyboards rather than a second guitar would be interesting, but who to ask?   Mo had played with Derek at a couple of parties and, though he hadn't gigged for a while,  he was still great at tickling the ivories so he was invited.  The name ' No Man's Band' was chosen to signify that the group were a collective with no-one in charge.

   Half a dozen rehearsals later, the band played at the British Oak and since then have been building their repertoire, playing more gigs and spending the gig money on  studio time.   The band members have various commitments which make them unavailable some of the time but whenever possible they get together and do what they like doing best - playing good rocking songs to people who appreciate them.  Check out the list of forthcoming events and the demo tracks on this site.  If you're having a party, NMB can provide good dancing music live and whatever you choose from a vast selection of  MP3s whilst they're not playing.

Howard Nicholson - Lead singer and performer.   Shaky Vic's Blues Band.   Vic & the Vagues.   Muddy wells &the Moordogs.   Urbane Gorillas

                                                 Teacher and artist.

John Davis - Guitars & backing vocals.   Teresa d'Abrew.      Fabulous Country Neighbours.    Flying Bricks.    The Westerham Band

                              Designer and maker of fine bespoke furniture

Derek Sumption - Keyboards & Vocals.   Barefoot. Brian Knight Band.Lee Lynch & the Blue Angels.Big George & the Stack. High-fi Sneakers

                                            Picture framer. Piano tuner/ technician

Mo Clifton - Bass & backing vocals.     Mick Kemp band.    Blues abuse.    Dave Sutherland band    Flying Bricks.    The Dolman Brothers.

                      Engineer, D&T teacher, Cabinet maker, luthier, now semi-retired.

Graham Blake - Drums & more drums.   Western Wheeelworks.  Jerry & the Atrix.     Flying Bricks.   Urbane Gorillas

                                       Electrical engineer


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